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Terms and Conditions: Access to E-Resources

Systematic and programmatic downloading of a large amount of information from the same journal/database is strictly against the Copyright Act 98 of 1978, as amended. It is also a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the licensing agreement with the Publisher. The definition of misconduct in the Disciplinary Code: Students, specifically includes the infringement of copyright. A contravention of this Code will constitute misconduct and will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee (Students) for a hearing. If this Committee finds you guilty, it will impose a disciplinary measure that it deems fit in the circumstances. Such disciplinary measure could for instance include an expulsion from the University for a period of time.

By proceeding and entering my detail and PIN, I accept the above terms and conditions.

Workstation Settings to Access e-Journals & e-Databases (Off Campus)
Workstation Settings to Access e-Journals & e-Databases (On Campus)

You must be a registered student/staff member to access library e-resources. You need to type your student/personnel no. (without the P or S) and your PIN.

*** If you do not have a PIN or forgot your PIN click on the "request a new PIN" link below and follow the instructions ***

Keep your PIN confidential at all times. If there are more than five failed attempts to log in, the system will block access to the patron account for 3 minutes.

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